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Asset Management

Hodge Atlantic can help with all levels of real estate consulting and advisory services. Whether its overseeing a property manager or designing a high level strategy to be implemented by another group, HAG works with owners to design and execute their strategy.

Regular Financial Reporting

As a part of financial reporting, we track the income and expenses of your property and offer detailed reports for keeping track of its financial health. Our team also keeps records of rent collections, vendor bills, payments, monthly statements, tax statements, and security deposit disbursements. Every month, you get a comprehensive report containing all property-related financial documentation for your records.

Residential Area

Full Service Management

At Hodge Atlantic  we make the promise of smooth property management a reality. With our arsenal of services, we help you overcome the stress of building a profitable investment and achieve the outcome you desire for your rental. Depending on the condition of your property, its location, features, and amenities, we can help you set a competitive rental rate that can assure sustained rental income.

Tenant Screening & Placement

We know the importance of finding a quality tenant for your property. To help you find renters who look after your property like their own, we implement stringent background checks, credit checks, eviction checks, and employment verification.

Proactive Property Maintenance

Maintenance can be stressful. Keeping track of inspections, handling tenant requests, and coordinating with vendors is tough. We streamline the maintenance operations of your property with proactive inspections and timely repairs. We value transparent communication and make sure to keep you in the loop regarding all maintenance issues. 


If a tenant relationship ever takes a turn for the worse, we can process the eviction for you & minimize its impact on your bottom line.

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